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Hey boys! I’m Bailey, a 31 year old smoldering BBW phone sex gal who has everything in all the right places. My sexuality is always hot and just below the boiling point, and I can also spill over with perversion at any time! I guess you can say… “I’m always ready for action”.

I may be plump but that has never stopped me from fucking a man so good that he comes back for seconds! I’ve got juicy thighs and a soft round tummy, and I know you’ll love my sensitive natural Double D’s. I love Hot phone sex, so come and get it!

I have a very sensual style and love to be vanilla to extreme. I have lot’s of fetish phone sex experience and can usually mold to whatever you need on your call. I am not afraid to be creative and use your perversions and my naughty mind to come up with a roleplay or story that will make your call an experience to remember. Just because it’s cheap phone sex does not mean its any less then the best. I do enjoy what I do and love to spend time talking with you rather rather then counting minutes!

BBW BAILEY –Cheap BBW Phone sex

Some Of My interests”

  • I enjoy Fetish Phone sex calls From CBT to Cucolding. I am a smoker and Curvy natural girl.
  • Feminization and Small dick humiliation is fun, sissys and forced femme calls are welcome!
  • Teacher or Authority type calls make me wet – I love to be in control!
  • Any type of Fat fetish calls – I am not HUGE but I am a curvacious gal who loves it rough!
  • I Love it when a guy has feet fetish I like feet to be licked on and my tose to be sucked on and i like to do that too.  If you have feet fetish call me.

But I am very for your Cheap BBW Phone sex calls!

Some of Our Site Specialties include:

  • Mutual Masturbation and Sensual Tease and Denial
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