Cheap phone sex mistress

Cheap  Domination Phone sex with Felicity

I am the one that you cant bring home to mama nor would you ever get a chance to court me in such a way. I am the guess of misconduct, and that’s what you pathetic losers and big men alike may call me. Let’s begin by saying if it is considered illegal or close to it then I am, have or will do it for the thrill!

To find out what truly twisted desires that I have you can take a look below or read thru my devious blogs but I will warn you most guess cant handle the fact that I am such a very naughty girl for being raised in such a strict catholic family. Maybe that is why I AM the queen of all that is bad. From the time I turned 15 I started breaking the law and ended up in Juvenile Detention and then jail and rehab by the ripe ole age of 19.

I have gotten good at not getting caught but that dosent mean I don’t love a good nights sleep in the local slammer before I see my favorite Judge and go back into his office for a “closed door” If your a bad boy and need a bad girl then give me a call for very hot shit that is illegal in most states!

  • Rape Phone Sex – My favorite game on lonely nights is to see a old man or young boy walked and take advantage of them. You will never know what happened and will soon be on the ground with a strap on up your ass. You see I get much pleasure from rapping the young and old and I tend to play a little rough. The louder you scream for help the harder I will fuck you and clutch those young tight or old wrinkled balls!
  • Hooker Phone Sex – I don’t mind giving up my ass for some good ole cash. But be warned I am not your average hooker. I will rob you dry and then make you take me to your house where we can tell your wife what a naughty time we have had and then we can tie her up and show her. After a while I will get bored and then I can take advantage of the sweet little flower you have at home
  • Flagellation Phone Sex – I want to take turns, I will do you if you do me! Punch me as hard as you can, oh fuck that makes me wet…hit me harder…YES…hit me again and I may cum in my jeans…Okay, now it’s my turn, does it make your cock hard hitting a woman and her dishing it back out at  you? Well all I know is when I wake up in the morning with some bruises then that usually means I had a hot fucking night!
  • Asphyxiation Phone Sex – Does me taking control of your breathing scare you or does it excite you? Well if it excites you then your the man I need. I have a special latex suit that I will zip you into where you are completely helpless with only a straw to breath thru.  I place me finger over the open end of the straw and your still for a few seconds. You begin to twitch and I see you struggling to move, I laugh and release my finger, allowing you to take a breath… but just one… Oh how I love being in control, TOTAL control of your LIFE!
  • Personal Ashtray Phone Sex – I draw a long drag off my cigarette and look down at you. You beg me to let you be my personal ashtray and your cock tingles with delight as the hot ashes hit your chest every time I ash on you. I will use you and diminish any and all respect you may have for yourself as you get harder the closer I get to the end of my cigarette, but you have mixed feelings about it as well. Your cock will explode the moment I use you to put out the butt of my cigarette but you know that will also mean you will have to wait another hour or so before you get to be used again!

Some of Our Specialties include:

  • Mutual Masturbation and Sensual Tease and Denial
  • Orgasm Control and Multi Orgasmic Calls
  • Mother/daughter Phone Sex, Daddy/Daughter Phone Sex, Student/teacher Phone Sex,
  • Smoking Fetish Phone Sex, Smoking Glamor & Smoke Torture Phonesex
  • Rare & Hard To Find Niche Fetish Phonesex